Corporate Events

Corporate Meetings

As a provider of cutting-edge audio, video, lighting, and staging solutions our clients rely on us to help them deliver consistent results. We have spent many years traveling throughout Florida and the country supporting corporate meetings and live events. We have worked in hotel ballrooms, convention centers, concert halls, tents, warehouses, office building foyers, airplane hangars, racetracks, and any other place you can put a speaker, lcd projector, stage, or flat screen. We respond quickly in communication, pay attention to the details and needs of each presenter, develop a main plan of attack and then a backup plan, dress professionally, and execute to perfection. Our team consists of experts in logistics, technical equipment, and live event production and work as an extension of your team. We understand that you only get one chance to make that first impression. We look forward to working with your team.


Do I Have To Use The In-House AV Company?

One of the most common things that we hear from our prospective new clients is that “they  HAVE to use the hotel’s av department”. Let’s clear some of that up now.

Rarely do you HAVE to use a hotel’s av department. There are times that it makes sense to use the hotel’s av and times when it does not. What you really want is the OPTION to use the hotel av so you can determine when is the best time. In order to do that, you must review your contract terms prior to signing the hotel or venue contract. Here are the key things to check for:

  • Are there any hotel fees for bringing in an outside audiovisual company?
  • Are there any union requirements for the venue, and what are the rules and rates?
  • Are there specific production guidelines that an outside production company must abide by when working in their venue?

The best time to negotiate is when you are signing your contract for the room. Make sure that you also negotiate the right to use an outside audiovisual company without any additional fees. In most cases the venue is not going to lose the room rental, food and beverage, and hotel room revenue, to protect the audiovisual revenue – so cross it out of your contract.

Who Is The In-House AV Company?

In many cases, the “hotel av” is a sub contracted company that pays the hotel a commission for the right to operate within their hotel. The commission is a percentage of the audiovisual revenue, and in many cases is about 50% of the bill! So you can understand why the hotel would tell you that you HAVE to use their av department. It is always in the hotel’s best interests, not yours, that they recommend their “in house av’. Unfortunately, that is why the hotel av department is typically about 20% higher than an outside audiovisual company.

Another point to note, is that since the “hotel av” provider has a long term contract with the hotel,they represent the hotel first and you second.

There is also the lack of high end equipment and skilled staff that exist in most hotel properties. Most of the “av” staff have had very little if any formal or informal training. They may have come from engineering or housekeeping, and this position opened up. The “hotel av” inventory also only reflects what they typically use: small projectors, screens, flipcharts, and standard microphones. An outside company typically has a much more diverse inventory, and its technical staff have typically been formally educated in an element of production, and live and breathe for live events.

The last thing to note, is that the “hotel av” typically does not just work for you on your event. If they are needed in another room to change a light bulb, move some chairs, or setup another clients’ event, then they will be called out of your meeting to do it. Is that the type of service that you should pay 20% more for?

There are times that using the hotel’s av department makes sense, and times when it just may be easier for you. But don’t be bullied into doing something that is not in your clients best interests. Know your rights and make an educated decision.

What Are My Options? A Quick Video Worth Watching!
You have options when it comes to who you choose to be your audiovisual provider. This short video will help educate and encourage you when you are speaking with your hotel salesperson.

Why Choose ERG247 instead of the In-House AV Company?

You only need to make one call.
We have audio, video, lighting, computer, pipe and drape, and staging equipment for all types of events large or small.

You will have a partner dedicated to your goals.
Our team is dedicated to supplying solutions, not just equipment. We are part of your team, and will provide you choices to meet both your goals and your budgets.

You can relax, you are dealing with professionals. 
We show up on time, prepared, and are always professional. No jeans, no concert shirts. Our show operators are the ones always dressed in suit and tie.

You will save time and money by working with Event Resource Group
Our pre-event planning includes: site visits, conference calls, floor plan creation, dealing with security, catering, electrical, décor, and entertainment. All at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Are Zoom, Microsoft Team or Owl Meetings available?

YES they are! Give us a call today to get more info on how we can support your next virtual event however big or small!

Audio Visual Production
…for Board Meetings, Stockholder Conferences, Presentations, Sales Meetings, Training Sessions, and Product Launches. Our team will provide all of the sound, lighting, video, and staging equipment required for your event.

Technical Support
…for your live events team. We work on floor plans, logistics, union coordination, and provide all of the technical staffing for your events and installations. We will work with all departments and personnel that have a vested interest in the success of the meeting.

Consultative Services
…for times when the venue or reasons beyond your control require you to use the hotel or in-house AV company. Corporate AV can be your offsite technical expert, ensuring that you’re getting the right service at a fair price.

AV/IT Integration
…for your internal communication needs. We install sound, video, lighting, and communication equipment for lobbies, board rooms, auditoriums, and conference centers.

Collabrative Services
…for times when the venue or reasons beyond your control require you to use the hotel or in-house AV company. Event Resource Group can be your on or offsite technical expert, ensuring that you’re getting the right service at a fair price.

Preventive Maintenance
…for your internal equipment. Our team will develop a scheduled maintenance program to reduce down time and ensure your internal communication equipment is always functioning properly.

Live Streaming
…to allow you to reach well beyond your live audience for your events, and the easiest way to expand your message. Whether for training and product seminars or general sessions and special live events, webcasting is a way to deliver a consistent message to those people who were not able to attend the live event or main room.

Video Production
…to create a digital story for Education, Training, Internal Communication, New Product Releases, and External Communication. These can be shown at events, distributed via mail, or video on demand hosted on your website.

We understand the high pressure and urgent needs of the corporate environment, and we know how critical a role communication plays. Event Resource Group is your partner for both internal and external events and installations.

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