Hybrid & Livestream Productions

Hybrid Livestream Productions

ERG247 has an Internet web streaming solution that allows you to stream any event live over the web. Now, people who aren’t able to attend your conference can experience seminars and events as if they were in the same room. Broadcasting your event live via web streaming can increase the return on investment for your convention and spread information in a cost-effective way. For events big or small, multi-camera or single-camera, we have a solution that can have your event streaming on the web in no time. Now, you can share your event with people all over the world as it happens live!


How much does it cost to a stream an event live on the web?

ERG’s Live Video Streaming Service is surprisingly affordable. Costs can vary depending on a number of factors including the length of the event, complexity of the production requirements and other factors, however complete web streaming packages start as low as $995. Contact us for a free consultation and detailed quote for your project.

Do I need to provide anything to make the live stream work?

Just an internet connection at your venue. At ERG we can be completely self contained – providing all the audio, video, lighting and graphics for the live stream. If you’ve already contracted the in-house AV team to provide these services, we can coordinate with them so that we can reduce/eliminate the costs for duplication of services. Put us in touch with your contact at the venue and we’ll find the most efficient approach to live stream your event.

What technical requirements do I need to arrange for at my conference venue to stream my event in HD?

At a minimum, we recommend a dedicated wired ethernet connection with an upload speed of 3-4Mbps. We’ll be glad to coordinate technical details with the venue on your behalf at no additional cost.

Is there a limit to how many viewers can see the live stream?

No, we can set up your stream with no limitation on viewers with no loss in quality.

How good is the quality of the video stream?

We’ll configure the stream so that your viewers can enjoy HD quality video. Of course, they’ll need a high speed internet connection. We’ll gladly set up a test stream from our studio so that you can see and hear the quality for yourself

Can you use a public/open wireless connection from our venue?

We can, but don’t recommend an open or wireless connection as it’s less stable and could become “crowded” with other users. This type of connection can potentially causing freezing and stuttering for your viewers.

My event will feature Power Point Slides & Video playback for the attendees.

Absolutely! We can configure the stream so that “Digital Attendees” can see these elements just like the attendees at your conference.

Some speakers at my conference will hold informal Q&A sessions with the audience as part of their presentations. Can virtual attendees participate?

Yes! We can set up your live stream to allow for a chat interface allowing presenters to interact with virtual attendees – either directly or via chat moderator.

My conference will feature propriety information that is not public. How is my information protected?

We can create a secure viewing environment that requires pre-registration and a log-in authentication system that gives you access control.

Can I get a copy of the live stream web cast?

Yes you can! We can provide you an archival copy as well as provide video on demand service for later viewing.

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